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Wheelhouse is a brand of Tiffany Ignites, LLC, founded in 2014.  After over a decade of providing training, coaching and strategic support to businesses in a way that felt “disjointed”, Tiffany Lymon (link to the Tiffany Lymon page) developed the Wheelhouse brand to serve businesses in a more complete way.

Seeing movements like “cancel culture” “quiet quitting”, “The Great Resignation” and the exodus of women from the workplace as symptoms of a poor, slow or inadequate adjustment to the demands of a changing workforce, we designed Wheelhouse to support companies as they shift to being more human-centric and socially responsible. When companies can control the way they adjust- versus knee-jerk reactions to external pressure, the impact is likely to be better aligned, more sustainable and complete.  

Our Mission

Our overall mission is to help business leaders create IMPACT.  Impact requires “collision” or forces coming together.  In this sense we are managing the collision of Organization, Culture and Individual identities (their core values, practices, beliefs, wants and needs) to create a dynamic result that serves the well being and doing of all.

Core Values




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Tiffany Lymon

Meet The Founder

What do I Love?

I love growth.  Whether I am watching the growth of people, businesses, mindsets or myself, I am obsessed with the process of growth.  Personally, I am always learning something new and pushing myself to new limits.  As a child, I loved school and wanted to be a teacher and I love that as an adult the world is my school and get to constantly share what I learn.

What Am I Good At?

I am good at synthesizing – taking diverse concepts and looking for the way they can fit together or teaching a new concept by anchoring it to a known one. I am also good at absorbing and transforming information.  The areas that I am most interested is “How People Work” – for me this includes everything motivation to performance to how we use systems.  This has lead to my proficiencies in: Business Systems; Motivational Theories; Team Building and Leadership Development.

What Does The World Need?

The world needs understanding.  I think understanding is a combination of self-awareness and interpersonal-awareness and both of these are awarnesses that our society lacks.  Since we spend so much of our time working, finding work, going to school to work a better job…why not use the marketplace as the hub to build understanding.  Imagine the impact it would have if employees felt understood for who they are (at all dimensions), what motivates them, what they need, what they have to contribute…and then those employees showed that same level of understanding and respect to Clients, Partners and Vendors and then everyone took those habits into their homes and communities.  Imagine the type of change that could influence!

What Do I Get Paid To Do?

What I Love!  I get paid to work with companies to create cultures of understanding, inclusion and respect; to facilitate the growth of leaders and high-potential employees, and to foster lifestyles that synthesize being and doing.  By blending my proficiencies in Adult Learning; Leadership, Coaching and Wellness, I am able to design programs and cultures that are primed for growth.

Meet The Team