Is your business not where you want it to be YET you are doing all the things you thought (or were told) were necessary? Well, let’s jump off the “traditional” path that has been leading you from “feast to famine” and let’s create the path that is best for YOUR business success.

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A selection of blogs to help you grow with me.

Does Your Business Have a BFF?

“Misery loves company” – we often think of this cliché when it comes to someone trying to bring others down with them, or to create negative vibes.   But, at its root, this is more than a cliché.   According to the Association for Psychological Science, pain, turmoil,...

The Untethered Soul…Letting go so you can grow

Shhhh….do you hear that?   Oh yeah you don’t hear it because its in my head.   Ok let me clue you in…  Sometimes my internal banter is an-noy-ing.   That voice is incessant, and it is not so nice sometimes, she worries soooo much.   I spend a lot of time calming her...

What I’ve Learned from Spin Class

Five lessons I learned on my journey as a SPIN instructor. How I changed something that began as a struggle into lessons for myself and my students.

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